Experience the best sensory playof your life!

Festivals, theatres, science shows, schools or at parties.
Bubblusion for the best day of your life!

Bubblusion a party for everyone

Experience that, even if you have a disability, you can make soap bubbles in many ways.

Soap bubbles are used as part of sensory play and occupational therapy. In addition, soap bubbles reach demented people, the elderly, children with autism, and ASD.
I pass on my passion with great sensitivity and attention and encourage every participant.
It is lovely that everyone can make soap bubbles with their hands or another instrument.
Outside or inside, fun with soap bubbles and foam figures is possible anywhere and anytime.

Carers are unanimously enthusiastic about the effect of sensory play with soap bubbles.
Restless or absent-minded clients are all receptive to the magic of soap bubbles.

Soap bubbles for the elderly
I also work with (demented) older adults in care homes, to everyone’s great satisfaction! This activity is also ideal for the elderly, who immediately feel young again. In addition, sensory activities improve the emotional and physical health of people with dementia.

Soap bubbles for children (and adults) with ASD
Playing with soap bubbles is an excellent activity for children with an autistic spectrum disorder:
Verbal and nonverbal, ideal for any stage of development
Encourage interaction, ‘more soap bubbles

So you can use the soap bubbles as a form of occupational therapy for different target groups.

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