Experience the best podiumshow of your life!

Festivals, theatres, science shows, schools or at parties.
Bubblusion for the best day of your life!

Bubblusion a party for everyone

Bubblusion gives bubbletastic stage shows for young and old!
Magic with soap bubbles creates joy and wonder.
Exciting moments, action, and amazement alternate.
It seems impossible until… it’s done!

Because there is no wind inside, I can make sculptures of soap bubbles that rise or float . filled with smoke. Even placing someone in a soap bubble is possible!

If you have a special requests, such as a theme, please discuss it with me.
A stage show can last from 20 to 45 minutes.

Also as fringe entertainment it’s a valuable addition that appeals to everyone.

A soap bubble show is excellent for staff parties, gala evenings, trade show booths, corporate events, birthdays, Christmas celebrations, receptions, award ceremonies, weddings, exhibition openings, large events, museums, school parties, carnivals, daycare centers, healthcare facilities, shopping malls, photo and film shoots, advertising and much more!

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