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I have been so lucky to meet some of my great examples! We spent a week together breaking world records, sharing our unique talents on the open platform at an international soap bubble conference. And, of course, we made soap bubbles together, danced with soap bubbles, and made soap bubbles as big as whales during a full moon in the hills of Wales. It was almost too much to handle in one week to finally meet each other after years of online contact! Like the Yoda of the bubble world, Tom Noddy, Steve Langley and Rick Findley (US), Aramis Gehberger (Austria), CJ bubble girl (Singapore), Sam Heath UK, and Pep Bou (Spain). It was a week to remember. There were even more artists who brought their children. An experience like that is astounding when you share it with the sweetest people in the world. One big soap bubble family!

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