Experience the children’s party of your life!

Festivals, theatres, science shows, schools or at parties.
Bubblusion for the best day of your life!

Bubblusion a Fair, party or festival for everyone

Are you looking for a fun and original children’s party?
Then a soap bubble party from Bubblusion is something for you!
You can celebrate your party indoors or outdoors!

There are a lot of tricks that you can do indoors. For example, because there is no wind indoors, you can make sculptures of soap bubbles that rise or fill them with smoke. Let yourself be surprised!

And what about, for example, making domes on a table, putting someone in a soap bubble, or special indoor soap bubble instruments. The nice thing is that these are activities that don’t get messy.

Besides making bubbles with soap bubble instruments, such as circles, foam makers, and trumpets, you also learn how to do this with your hands!

I am the only all-around indoor soap bubble artist in the Netherlands!
I come to you with everything you need to make it a fun part

Birthday parties can be held all year round. Only against hard rain and extreme wind are large soap bubbles not resistant.
I bring protection for the floor.

If you have special wishes, such as a theme, you can discuss this with me, and I will adapt my costume accordingly!

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